Unhappy with your Chronic Pain Compensation Solicitors?

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If you are unhappy with your current chronic pain solicitor, then you are not alone. 95% of our clients begin their compensation claims for chronic pain with other law firms, before becoming disillusioned with their lack of knowledge, understanding, advice and service.

“Thank goodness I eventually found you. Until that point I felt I was being processed through a sausage machine rather than represented by proper lawyers. I just thank my lucky stars that you were able to undo the mess they had created.” JH [£565,000 compensation recovered]

We are experts in turning claims around. See our many client testimonials.

Specialist Chronic pain solicitors

Is your chronic pain solicitor handling your claim competently?

Claims involving chronic pain are always complex, requiring the solicitor to have a detailed understanding of your condition and a forensic and tactical approach to your claim. Put simply, if the correct approach is not adopted, there is a high chance your claim will fail.

In addition, has your chronic pain solicitor:

  • obtained interim payments to help keep you afloat financially?
  • helped you to find and access the best treatment and rehabilitation for your condition?
  • discussed with you the possible appointment of a medically-qualified case manager to advise on and access for you such fundamental things as specialist equipment, adaptations to your home, adapted vehicles, help with domestic chores and gardening, treatment services etc?

If not, why not?

“I’m sorry for my initial scepticism when we first spoke. I genuinely didn’t know that solicitors like you really existed. You’ve been there for me the whole way and your confidence has been so reassuring. Thank you so much.” DV [£700,000 compensation recovered]

Should you instruct us, you will not have to deal further with your current solicitor. We will handle that for you.

How are our solicitors at BLB different?

We are specialists in chronic pain compensation claims.

Our understanding of chronic pain and how it affects you and your family gives us a unique perspective including, crucially, a detailed knowledge of the latest treatment and rehabilitation options available to you.

We are a highly specialist team of senior chronic pain solicitors. Our personalised approach to each claim is only possible by keeping the number of clients that each of us represents at a low level. If you instruct us, you will quickly notice the difference. In fact, clients often comment that they feel they are our only client!

“You proved from day one that you know your onions! Why can’t all solicitors be like you? From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.” JT [£685,000 compensation recovered]

What can you expect when you call?

When you call:

  • You will speak directly to one of our specialist chronic pain solicitors.
  • The call is free and you will not be hurried – we want to fully understand your condition and your claim. Equally, you will have many questions for us.
  • There is no pressure to instruct us. On the contrary, we want you to be entirely happy and comfortable with us before you make that important decision.
  • Should you decide to instruct us, to ensure continuity you will be represented by the solicitor you have spoken to already.
  • We will formulate with you a proposed plan of action so that you know exactly what steps we will take from day one to get your claim back on track.
  • While it may seem unusual these days, we are chronic pain solicitors who do like to meet our clients! If travelling to see us is difficult, wherever you live, we may be able to see you at home or at another location more convenient for you.

“Thank you very much for speaking to me regarding my unresolved accident claim. I can honestly say that the advice given and the way you explained things was fantastic. Our conversation was longer than all communications by phone from all 4 of the solicitors I have had the misfortune of dealing with in the last 3 years and I understood more from it. It actually felt like you were on my side rather than [my current solicitors] who seem to be working for the opposition. I just wish that I had found out about you a few years ago.” SD, New Enquiry

In most cases we can act on a No Win / No Fee basis. Find out more about how your legal costs are paid.